• About Us

    A group of like-minded, enthusiastic people with a keen interest in aerobatic flying established the Australian Aerobatic Club (Queensland Chapter) Limited. Our Chapter was registered as a Limited by Guarantee company on the 21st December 1981. Malcom Beard was elected as our Chapters first President. From that time till 2001 the Chapter has held practice days and State Championships at various locations throughout South East Queensland.

    At an Extraordinary General Meeting on 21 February 2002 the Committee was authorised by the members to request membership of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield and negotiate and enter into a contract to purchase a lease site suitable for a clubhouse. Members paid a $600 levy to permit this work to commence. Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield approved our membership and status as a Homebase Group at the airfield on 1 June 2002. Our lease document was signed on 10 September 2003.

    The first State Aerobatic Championship held at Watts Bridge was in November 2002. We hold practice weekends throughout the year, and Judging seminars and fund-raising events are held at different times during the year. Our State Aerobatic Championships are in late July.

    Our clubhouse was built by some of our members over several years and many, many weekends. The building Development Application was approved by Esk Shire Council on 31 March 2006 and the Certificate of Classification was issued on 18 May 2011. Our Clubhouse is the heart of the Queensland Aerobatic Chapter where we gather to craft our skills in aerobatics and judging. A place where we can enjoy one and another’s company in a comfortable and tranquil environment. We are very fortunate as the only Australian Aerobatic Club Chapter to have their own clubhouse and permanent performance zone.

    Come out and see us. Your most welcome.

  • Committee

    Title Name Phone Email
    President Brendan Scilini 0418 719396
    Secretary Liz Cook 0419 369963
    Treasurer Tony Chapman 0478 404587
    Captain of Flying Greg Diedrich 0409 116618
    Committee Member Merryn Scilini
    Committee Member Mark Galletly
    Privacy Officer Steven Hudson 0432 822182
  • Watts Bridge ERSA

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