Welcome to the Queensland Chapter of the
Australian Aerobatic Club

We are based at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield in the picturesque Brisbane Valley where we have our modern, family-friendly clubhouse and a permanent aerobatic performance zone.

Check out our Calendar of Events page for information, including our monthly practice dates, mini-competitions, social events and state and national championships.

Our aims and objectives include:

  • Encouraging and promoting aerobatic flying and judging,
  • Encouraging communication between aerobatic pilots and other flying enthusiasts,
  • Providing guidance and assistance in aerobatic training,
  • Representing the interests and needs of those involved in aerobatics in Queensland, and
  • Holding competitions at Local and State level.

Why competition aerobatics?
After you learnt to fly, you probably added an aerobatic rating to your licence to add interest to your flying and to become a b etter pilot. But after a while of doing loops and stall turns just for the sake of it you may have started wondering “what’s next?”

The answer to that is COMPETE! This will give your aerobatics more purpose as you strive to get better, and it’s loads of fun that you can share with fellow club members who are on the same journey as you.

There are several levels of difficulties, and Entry Level is perfect for people new to the sport, so you definitely don’t have to be an expert to join in. Visit or join in one of our practice weekends and see what a great way this is to use your rating.

You are most welcome!
AAC-QLD is a friendly group who welcomes new members and visitors. We can show you how to do a loop and you can spend the rest of your life perfecting it!

When you come out and see for yourself what we have to offer, you’ll be most welcomed.

Rob Crass – President


July 27th – 28th
Practice Weekend

AAC-QLD Practice Weekend
Contact: secretary@aacqld.com.au
Phone: 0498-828-525

August 21st-25th
Queensland State Aerobatic Championships

Contact: secretary@aacqld.com.au
Phone: 0498-828-525

Schools Offering Aerobatic Training

To start or continue to upgrade your aerobatic journey, here are some local area flying schools which specialise in aerobatic training. Contact them to learn more and see which one is right for you

Australian Aerobatic Club - Queensland Chapter

Australian Aerobatic Club
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