2022 AAC-QLD State Championships

Aug 28, 2022 | News Article, State Competition


2022 AAC-QLD Christmas Party

As 2022 drew to a close and our last official practice weekend was over, we celebrated the year gone by with our Awards Presentation and Christmas Party.

The 2022 State Comps had it all. A month-long postponement due to bad weather, smoke from local farm burn-offs reducing visibility, early morning fog, twenty competitors and, most importantly, nail-bitingly close competition! This was the biggest comp we’ve hosted in years.

Thursday and Friday were both practice days with over 20 flights made, keeping the radio shack and critiquers very busy as competitors took the opportunity for some last-minute honing of skills. On Friday, neighbouring farmers were doing their annual grass burn-off which added the challenge of reduced visibility and very turbulent conditions when flying through the billowing smoke. The photo does not do this justice. Fortunately, the smoke cleared by Saturday, and the comps began without issues. One positive from the burn-off was how well the yellow box markers stood out against the now very black background of the paddock.

On Saturday morning we woke to a magical blanket of fog which cleared away to an even more magical clear morning with very light south easterly breeze. During the afternoon there were the occasional buildups and some time was lost, but not before competitors put in some top performances in the box. Pete and Cass both put in wonderful performances in their beautiful Extra 300SC as they flew the incredibly complex Unlimited routine.

A wonderful dinner on Saturday night prepared by Mark and Lisa Foy, and Jo Vonhoff capped off the day. Competition Secretary Liz Cook had spent many long days getting the paperwork in order and she and Sam Boardman had entered it into the system and the results were out. This year the sportsman category had eleven competitors flying everything from Robin, Super Decathlon, Pitts, RV8 and an Extra and the scores were very tight.


Sunday morning started off with breakfast of bacon and egg rolls again cooked by Jo, eaten during the briefing. Outside, the fog was burning away to another clear day. There were 40 flights to do and everybody pulled together to get them done by 4 pm before the sun was too low. Greg McConnell and Peter Williamson battled it out in Advanced, Greg flying his new Fusion 540 with less than 100 hours on the clock. It looked amazing.

Intermediate was a contest between Michael Newby and Martyn Woodhouse, both in One Designs, and in Graduate there were three candidates – 2 in the Robin and Peter Scott in a Yak 52. Peter flew the Yak up from Wedderburn was the oldest competitor at 78 years of age. He is pictured below with our youngest contestant, Jett Bennet, aged just 17. Check out in the results later where Jett finished!

In the radio shack, Tony Bansemer and Steve Kennedy kept our competitors clear of itinerant aircraft. They were accompanied by Brendan Scilini sitting on the dead line, waiting hours for an aircraft to cross it and lose points, thankfully largely in vain.


Finally, the flying was done and all adjourned to the bar to “debrief” and wait for the scores. They’d been close the night before, but who would prevail?

This year is special with the inaugural awarding of the Rory Blanning Memorial Trophy. Rory had trained and introduced many aerobatic pilots to the club, so it is very fitting that the trophy awarded in his memory goes to for the first-time competitor who achieves the highest percentage score as an encouragement to them to continue with our wonderful sport.

THANK YOU!!   The comps don’t happen by themselves, so I’d like to finish with a very enormous THANK YOU to the volunteers that made it all possible for us to compete in the box and have such a great time:

Comp Secretary Liz Cook, Chief Judge Russ Sneyd, Contest Director Chris Beves, Catering Managers Lisa and Mark Foy, and Jo Vonhoff, Radio Shack Tony Bansemer and Steve Kennedy, Line Judge and CIVA Judge Brendan Scilini, Everybody who judged including Greg Diedrich, Glen Percy, Aaron Smith and Richard Wiltshire, called and pencilled, Everybody who acted as starter, and Everybody who helped out with setting up the judging line, bar duties, dishes and cleaning up over the weekend.

Paperwork   Let’s do some maths. There were 20 competitors. Each competitor flew 3 times. Each time they flew, 5 judges had 4 pieces of paper to follow the sequence and note the score on. Liz Cook, Chris Beves and Russ Sneyd spent all of Friday preparing the 1200 pages required to make this competition work. Liz was never far from the desk all weekend keeping this paper monster under control, and the results were ready both nights by dinner time. What an effort!



Rank Pilot Aeroplane %
1 Craig McGuiness Robin 2160 66.340
2 Jake Brandon Robin 2160 54.910
3 Peter Scott Yak 52  48.344


Rank Pilot Aeroplane %
1 Rob Crass Vans RV8 85.039
2 Jett Bennet Pitts S2A 84.031
3 Patrick Humphries Pitts Special S 80.392
4 James Anderson Pitts S2A 80.093
5 Sam Pengilly Super Decathlon 78.553
6 Stephen Robinson Pitts S1-11B 76.899
7 Hayden Pullen EXTRA 330 LT 75.555
8 Stan Hales Pitts S2A 75.391
9 Craig Simpson Robin 68.712
10 Michael Antolovich Pitts S2A 65.150
11 David Spong Super Dcathlon 62.276


Rank Pilot Aeroplane %
1 Michael Newby Rihn DR-107 80.567
2 Martyn Woodhouse DR107 One Design 65.836


Rank Pilot Aeroplane %
1 Peter Williamson Pitts S1T 54.666
2 Greg McConnell Fusion 540 44.573


Rank Pilot Aeroplane %
1 Peter Townsend Extra 330SC 66.999
2 Cassandra Moller Extra 330SC 63.687

The Tony Gordon Memorial Trophy

Club President, Rob Crass was the winner of this year’s Tony Gordon Memorial Trophy, winning Sportsman with 85.039% in his Vans RV8. The CCC will be investigating!

The Rory Blanning Memorial Trophy

The inaugural Rory Blanning Memorial Trophy was awarded to Sam Pengilly, who flew a very respectable 78.553% in Sportsman, earning himself a fifth place in a field of 11. Congratulations Sam!

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