Schools Offering Aerobatic Training

To start or continue to upgrade your aerobatic journey, here are some local area flying schools which specialise in aerobatic training. Contact them to learn more and see which one is right for you


UPRT Australia is Australia’s leading Upset Prevention & Recovery Training school
located, at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane, Queensland.  UPRT Australia teaches all
levels of aerobatics and has one of the most comprehensive aerobatic endorsements in Australia.  An aerobatic endorsement with UPRT Australia teaches beyond the minimum manoeuvres set out by the CASA syllabus and incorporates elements of our industry-leading award-winning UPRT course.  Aerobatics can be taught in our Super Decathlon, S-2B Pitts Special and an Extra.

Collectively, UPRT Australia’s instructors have over 95,000 hours of experience including aerobatic competitions, domestic and international airshows, military, RPT, GA, and UPRT.  If you are already an aerobatic pilot and want to lower your minimum height, Jeremy Miller, the Director, is one of only a handful of instructors in Australia with a ground level rating.

Phone: 1300 877 828

Aerotec QLD is a maintenance organization and flight training school that has been operating since 1981. It was founded by Guido Zuccoli, a pioneer of the Warbird movement in Australia, and continues to be run by his family. Matt Handley is our Flying Instructor and he has an extensive repertoire of aviation experience which ranges from Training,  Joy Flights, and Warbirds, through to Display Flying in any of our collection of aircraft.

We do offer aerobatic and low-level aerobatic training at our school, Aerotec Flight Training.  Ab-initio aerobatics is taught in our Pacific Aerospace CT4E and we can also conduct training in Warbirds.

Matt Handley’s Mobile:  0438 308 185.

We can also be contacted office hours via
Phone:  07 4633 1315

Flightscope Aviation provides aerobatic, UPRT and tailwheel training for pilots of all
levels of experience in a modern Super Decathlon 8KCAB.


 Learn aerobatics to competition standard, UPRT, SPRT and much more at Sunshine Coast Flying School’s aerobatics academy with one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatic instructors!  Part-time and full-time courses are available from our Gympie (Kybong) and Caloundra locations.

See our website for more information.

Australian Aerobatic Club - Queensland Chapter

Australian Aerobatic Club
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