Membership of the AAC- QLD

The Australian Aerobatic Club and the State Chapters provide the knowledge, skills, discipline and support all pilots need to fly increasingly complex aerobatic routines in a competitive and supportive club environment. 

Rob Crass – AAC-QLD President

You most likely may have as many questions for us as we do for you, like, are you a licenced pilot? Have you an aerobatic endorsement? Are you a student pilot? Are you thinking about getting your pilots licence, maybe enquiring about our social membership, or is judging your interest?

If so, get in touch with us by going to our Contact Page and either email or phone us. There is an affiliation drop down on that page with a list of local flying schools who can help with your initial aerobatic endorsement which takes around 5 -10 hours depending on your experience and ability. Once obtained, we can further assist you with training and coaching. Later on, low level endorsements are available as you progress through the categories as well as judging courses for pilots and non – pilots.

We have three tiers of membership

Flying Membership – AAC National & QLD Chapter Full Membership
This membership allows you to fly in the box at practice weekends and use the box frequency during practice weekends, compete at Chapter events and Championships in Queensland and throughout Australia including the National Championships. It also includes FAI Membership should you wish to compete overseas at a World Championship.

As a Flying Member you are entitled to have your say and vote at both AAC and AAC-QLD General Meetings and if you so choose, you can stand for either AAC National or QLD chapter committees or both. If you want to become an active member of the National AAC, then this is the membership you will need to take out, even if you don’t fly or wish to fly.

Non-Flying Membership – AAC-QLD Chapter Membership
This membership is for aerobatic enthusiasts who do not wish to fly in the box at practice weekends or compete in competitions but wish to be active participants of AAC-QLD Chapter and have the right to vote and have a say at AAC-QLD General Meetings and also to stand for committee positions.

AAC QLD Chapter Social Membership
QLD Social Membership is for non-flying aerobatic enthusiasts wishing to be involved with the sport. Family and friends of competitors and fans who join as a Social Member will be kept informed of club activities and invited to participate on club days.

Please Note: To fly at or use the facilities at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield (WBMA) regularly or frequently, it is necessary to join the Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Association in addition to the Australian Aerobatic Club. Membership details of WBMA and application forms are available from the WBMA website.


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